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We are the best construction France company. You are now the owner of a land on the Côte d’Azur and you want to build a house or a home that you like. You bought an apartment and you want personalize it to your individual tastes. You want to expand a small family house that you own for a long time?

In this case, just one solution: BUILD.

How to control the process, when you are not always able to be present on the site? Would the project not miss deadlines? Would materials not be out of stock and would the price stay in line with the estimate?

But where to find
Construction Nice Company?

Ask HGC to run your construction project, it will relieve you.
HGC build villas, houses and apartments on the French Riviera for over 10 years.

100% guarantee

HGC does a perfect work for any project and budget.

100% satisfaction

HGC guarantees for 100% satisfaction after project completion.

10-year warranty

HGC offers a 10-year warranty on all work accomplished.

How is your construction project going?

Step 1: The preparation

At this stage, you choose what you want to build, define style, approximate surface, design and geographical arrangement. We calculate everything: the mapping, the estimation of the potential load of the communications. We take care of the construction site plans and the material. It is a very important step and we give it fair consideration. You can thus evaluate the level of quality of our expertise and our commitment.

Step 2: The earth moving

At this stage, we conduct the search, the flooring work and foundation preparation. Then, we install drainage systems, safer wells and water holes, etc.

Step 3: The excavation

At this stage, we excavate the wastes, we lay the foundations and we install the roof. This is the main stage, which is the longest part of the work and the most expensive. Therefore, we take particular note of the calendar and the climatic conditions at the time of construction.

Step 4: The installation of engineering system

These include those: maintenance of water and wastewater systems (plumbing, toilets, heating, electricity, ventilation, etc.

Step 5: The completions work

We install the floor and ceiling and we carry out all interior and exterior finishings.

Step 6: The final stage

All engineering systems are connected, everything is ready to use.

But that’s not all!

At your request, we can also do:

  • Interior Design, selection of furniture and rooms’ decoration.
  • Landscaping
  • Selection of the most favorable location of the construction, according to your choice and budget.

How much do our services cost?
We have nothing to hide to our clients and we can offer approximate rates for some works. In order to get an exact price, we must first of all examine your project. Estimates are provided free of charge and carried out by a specialist.