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We offer a comprehensive range of interior design and architecture services in Nice and across the French Riviera. Here’s an overview of our project plans:

  1. 2D Project Plans
  2. 3D Project Plans with Visualization
  3. Existing Layout Project Plans
  4. Partition Project Plans
  5. Electrical Project Plans
  6. Plumbing Project Plans
  7. Evaluation Project Plans
  8. Air Conditioning Project Plans
  9. Ventilation Project Plans
  10.  Heating Project Plans
  11.  Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Project Plans for Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
  12.  Ceiling Project Plans
  13.  Flooring and Wall Covering Project Plans
  14.  Sanitary Project Plans
  15.  Layout Project Plans
  16.  Interior Door Project Plans
  17.  Wood Carpentry Project Plans
  18.  Detailed Wall and Ceiling Cut Project Plans
  19.  Landscape design services

Why Contact Us for an Interior Design Project in Nice?

Have you recently acquired a property on the French Riviera and are considering renovating it but don’t know where to start? Do you wish to modernize your apartment or house, making it more comfortable and stylish, but hesitate, fearing it might be too energy-consuming and costly? Are you looking for an interior design expert in Nice who can bring your dream project to life?

Our team of interior design specialists across the French Riviera is here to help. Contact us to transform your space into a modern, comfortable haven that perfectly reflects your taste and style.

Discover the HGC Construction Method:

Detailed Plans: We provide precise and comprehensive plans, including 2D layouts, 3D visualizations of the future project, and all existing structure plans.

Dismantling and Renovation: For renovation projects, we manage the dismantling process and plan the new construction, including doors, windows, and other necessary elements.

Communication Systems Design: We develop a detailed concept for communication systems, including additional diagrams, precise calculations, and project specifications.

Lighting Planning: We design a complete lighting plan, specifying the placement of outlets, switches, and other electrical elements.

Material Selection Advice: We guide you in choosing construction materials, such as flooring, windows, doors, lighting fixtures, furniture, and decor.

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Our 5-Step Work Process

Step 1: Project Model

We create a detailed model of your project to showcase the professionalism of our designer and to visualize the concept developed for your apartment or villa, ensuring it aligns with your wishes.

Step 2: 3D Visualization of Your Future Interior

We provide a 3D visualization of your future interior, detailing the layout, decor, colors, and more. At this stage, you can make any desired changes to ensure the project perfectly matches your expectations.

Step 3: Project Coordination, Plans, and Estimate Preparation

After taking all necessary preliminary measurements and obtaining the required approvals, we provide you with all technical documents, including plans and an estimate. We ensure everything is clearly explained to you.

Step 4: Execution of Work Under Supervision

The work begins under the constant supervision of our interior designer, ensuring adherence to timelines and the quality of execution.

Step 5: Final Decoration

Your interior is ready for the final touches. Our specialist takes care of everything, from wall art and paintings to decorative objects, ensuring an aesthetic result that reflects your personality and choices.